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Geelong's #1 Premium Car Detailer: unrivaled expertise, exceptional results.

  • Geelong's #1 Car Detailer - 100% 5 Star Google & Facebook Reviews

  • Specialising in Ceramic Coatings

  • Paint Correction

  • Interior & Exterior Details

Complimentary Uber rides for every Ceramic Coating package

Car Dashboard

Interior Detail

One of our most popular services. Expect us to totally transform your car and provide a massive ‘wow’ factor.


We can design an interior package to suit your needs from our range of services such as : windows cleaned, thorough vacuum, steam cleaning stubborn areas, shampoo and extractions, trim restoration and fabric protection to name just a few.

Interior Car Detailing Geelong

Sports Car

Exterior Detail

This includes the repair and restoration of the exterior of your car. Whether you are looking to sell your car or just take pride in the appearance of your ride, this service is a must.


We offer thorough washing, paint decontamination, polishing and waxing to restore your cars condition back to new. We offer paint correction services which remove the majority of your cars swirls and scratches. Once that is completed you then have the option of giving your car the best with a Graphene Ceramic Coating which can give your car amazing protection and an incredible pop and shine!

Exterior Car Detailing Geelong

Car Buffer

Paint Correction

Swirls and scratches are the biggest culprit when it comes to diminishing shine and gloss on your car. We pride ourselves on our ability to remove oxidization, etching, scratches and swirls through a staged polishing process. You wont believe how well we will restore your car to its former beauty.

This service is also very popular when customers wish to sell their cars. A small outlay which gurantee's a higher selling price!

Paint Correction Geelong

Image by Jesper Brouwers

Headlight Restoration

Driving around with worn-down headlights can be more dangerous than you think. 

If you've noticed your headlights turning yellow and hazy, it's probably time to look into headlight restoration by a professional. If you leave your headlights cloudy and yellow for too long, they can reduce your visibility by up to 80%

Headlight Restoration Geelong

Image by Yuvraj Singh

Ceramic Coating - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Year Protection


We provide complimentary Uber bookings both ways to ensure your experience is as hassle free as possible.

.Ceramic coating is an additional protection layer to your car’s exterior, and help’s it looks brand new with minimal maintenance.


The science behind coating is nanotechnology, and due to that, it makes your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean. Here are some other benefits that coating offers:

  • Protection from UV damage

  • Protection from chemical stain and etching

  • Enhanced gloss

  • Long term paint protection for your car

  • Hydrophobicity i.e. water repellence

Ceramic Coating Geelong

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